What to Expect

We are so glad that you are interested in visiting Storehouse Church! You may be wondering what to expect during your visit with us. First off, you can expect to be warmly greeted as you come through the doors. You will find most people are dressed in casual clothing (feel free to dress however you like…). Currently, our services have around 50 to 70 people, including children and teens. You will also find fresh brewed coffee and an assortment of snacks for you to enjoy.

To open our time together, we will sing around three to four songs. During this worship portion our families all worship together. After this worship time, we take a small coffee break where the children and youth are dismissed to their classrooms. Then, there are a few announcements, a 30-minute message/sermon, and then we are all done – no later than 12:30pm. We greatly enjoy connecting with our church family and new visitors after our services, so please feel free to stick around; we would love to shake your and get to know you better.

So, hopefully that answers many of your questions. Please, email us at info@storehouse-church.com if you have any others. Thank you! And, we look forward to meeting you soon!