Our Values


1.     Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

We understand that miracles, signs, and wonders should and do follow those who believe. We expect unprecedented life change, blessings, unmerited favor, healings, breakthroughs, restored relationships, scores of salvations, outpouring of spiritual gifts, intense experiences with God, among many other miracles, signs, and wonders depicted in the pages of God’s Word. We anticipate God to confirm His message through these things.

2.     Building God’s Kingdom

Willingness to respond to God’s call and leading in one’s life to do and be what is necessary and to stand against evil and destructive principles and actions and establish His will in our world.

3.     Purpose and Vision

Not only do we recognize that God has a purpose and vision for this church to fulfill corporately, we also understand that God has a purpose and vision for each person to fulfill individually, as a minister and in all other aspects of life, and we desire to resource each person in fulfilling this individual purpose.  In saying this, we also believe that every believer is a minister in God’s Kingdom. Everyone called to this church will minister in one’s God given purpose in this local church and/or the Church Universal.

4.     Family

We value life and life abundantly lived in intimate relationship with our families. We will work hard at our careers providing for ourselves and our families and serving God’s people and His Kingdom; however, we will not sacrifice our families and relationships on the altar of career, ministry, or anything else we are making ultimate above God and our relationships.

5.     Accountability

We value personal morals, character, and integrity – we engage in relational accountability, and everyone is held accountable

6.     People

People and relationships are our greatest resource as well as our mission.  We commit to love, accept, serve, care for, and honor people taking them into ever increasing relationship with God, not sacrificing them on the altar of excellence, self, business, programs, organization, tradition, and/or success.

7.     Trust in God

We purpose to never motivate or be motivated by fear, but to always Trust in God, seek His counsel, obey His guidance, and trust that all things work together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

8.     Agreement

We value the power of agreement: we promote that a husband and wife should always work towards agreement on all aspects of life and ministry before any decisions are made; and we uphold that our church leadership will always work towards agreement on the vision and decisions of the church before moving forward.

9.     Humility

We are not building our Kingdom.  We are building God’s Kingdom.  We are not king or master.  God is king and master of us all and all are equally servants before Him.  And, we are not always exactly sure what we are doing or if our way is best; nor do we have all the right answers; but we humbly seek to do our very best through guidance and answers from God.

10.   Community

We understand that a church is simply a community of believers. We desire to build this community in loving relationship with one another. We also understand that we a part of the greater community of the City of Puyallup and the surrounding areas. We are called to love, minister to, and be a part of this community as well.